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Cryogenic granulate

Cryogenic, or processing at extremely low temperatures (-60°C to -100°C). The material is cooled in a tunnel cooler, using liquid nitrogen. At such low temperatures, the rubber acquires a glassy texture, which makes it easy to grind.

The polymers remain intact, with small smooth pieces of rubber being the end result.

Applications Product
Shoe soles 0,0 – 0,2 mm
Backing 0,0 – 0,2 mm 0,2 – 0,8 mm
Floor mats 0,2 – 0,8 mm
Sport, infill 0,8 – 2,0 mm
Other 0,0 – 0,8 mm  0,8 – 2,0 mm


The rubber granulate can be packed in various ways:

Big-bags* 1,000 kg net weight on wooden pallets
Dimensions: 95x95x200 cm
Big-bags* 500 kg net weight on wooden pallets
Dimensions: 98x98x140 cm
25kgPE bags 1,000 kg net weight, sealed in foil on wooden pallets
Bulk As bulk material (without packaging)

* = After filling, the big-bags are protected by a tarpaulin, tightly pulled around the top end of the big-bag with a foil. All this is done in order to protect the fabric and the loops on the top side of the big-bag against weather influences.

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