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Circular Industry

Rising consumption – due to the growth in the world population and an increase in prosperity – result in a sharp increase in the consumption of natural resources and minerals. As a result, there is a danger that a number of materials will become scarce in the near future. This problem is being addressed by a number of organisations and companies in a variety of ways.

The focal areas are:
– reduction of material consumption
– recovery of raw materials
– use of renewable materials.

Kargro group has been engaged for many years in optimising tyres received from the automobile industry. Using a number of innovative processes, Kargro Recycling makes a significant contribution to the transition to a circular economy.
The most important motivation for us is to re-process the tyres of both passenger cars as well as trucks and to recover high quality raw materials (such as carbon black, steel and rubber) to strengthen the competitive position in the market. Each company within the Kargro group contributes to circularity in the world.

The following table helps illustrate the most important flows for each company.


Kargro Recycling processes an annual 35,000 tons of truck tyres

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