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With a modern and safe recycling process, Kargro Recycling wishes to set up a bridge between the economy and ecology. Quality, reliability in supply and a competitive price are our commercial priorities. We work out new applications creatively with our customers. There are new markets that we are still to discover. For this purpose, we are prepared to invest in innovative technologies, product development and permanent quality control.

Simultaneously, we make a contribution to the environment thanks to our energy saving and efficient recycling activities. The cradle-to-cradle concept, in which used materials are given a new lease of life in another product, is a technique that we have already been using for the last twenty-five years. Back to feedstock is our aim. Our business processes are so designed that optimum safety and health for man and environment are guaranteed.

Kargro Recycling processes annually 60,000 tons of tires

Kanaaldijk 14 • 6031 MZ Nederweert • The Netherlands • tel: +31(0)495 459 145 • fax: +31(0)495 459 140 • info@kargrorecycling.comTerms and Conditions