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Team Kargro Recycling

Kargro Recycling has a permanent team of 48 employees, all of whom have a sound education and training, aimed at making a contribution to the business process. Each of them is trained in the implementation of the requirements that we impose with regard to safety and quality.

Managing board
Jan van den Brand
Executive Director
Rob Zootjes
Operation Manager
Jeroen Claessens
Sales Manager
Wim Migchels
Sales Support
Marjo SpƤtjens
Sales Support

Chanthal Jacobs
Human Resources
Carlos Metten
Manager Logistics
Technical services
Nicole Verschuren
Maintenance Engineer
Theo Hilkens
Mechanical Maintenance
Michal Rykaczewski
Mechanical Maintenance
Bert Meens
Electrical Maintenance
Production management
Arend de Weerd
Production Supervisor
Robert Coumans
Production Supervisor
Rob Klaus
Production Supervisor
Hub Rutjens
Production Supervisor

Kargro Recycling processes annually 60,000 tons of tires

Kanaaldijk 14 • 6031 MZ Nederweert • The Netherlands • tel: +31(0)495 459 145 • fax: +31(0)495 459 140 • info@kargrorecycling.comTerms and Conditions