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Kargro Recycling has been a member of the Kargro Group since 1994, a collaborative association of companies that is only engaged in the collection, regeneration and grinding of truck and passenger car tyres. Through this collaboration, we are assured of a steady stream of truck tyres from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. That, in turn, is a guarantee of the continuity of our production processes. Our customers can count on the highest reliability of supply.

Apart from Kargro Recycling, the other companies within the Kargro group are:

  • Kargro; engaged in the purchase and sale, storage and transport of truck carcasses.
  • Lintire; largest sorter and recycler of passenger car tyres and wholesaler in used car tyres in the Netherlands.
  • Banden Plan and Tyre Plan; both the companies are engaged in renewing carcasses collected by Kargro, using the Bandag retreading system, among other things. Bandag; around 50 years ago, it initiated a revolution in the renovation industry with a cold prevulcanised process for the production of sustainable, retreaded tyres.
  • Ubo; it has been a specialist for many years in the retreading of truck tyres with the use of presses.

Kargro is a guarantee that the casings are well taken care off

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