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De-vulcanised Rubber

Historically, vulcanization has been an irreversible process, preventing the reuse of vulcanized rubber in the production of new rubber products, such as tires. However, de-vulcanization offers a solution by reversing the rubber vulcanization process, breaking the sulfur bonds, and restoring the chemical characteristics of the de-vulcanized material to resemble virgin rubber compound.

Kargro Recycling stands as the world's first company to transform the non-reversible vulcanization process into a reversible one. We produce the highest-quality Recovered Virgin Rubber product globally, providing de-vulcanized rubber that is a reusable polymer suitable for incorporation into new rubber compounds.

This circular breakthrough has garnered attention from tire manufacturers and retreading companies because it closes the loop, allowing significant amounts of scrap tire rubber to be repurposed into new tires. To meet the growing demand, Kargro Recycling is planning to construct the world's first fully dedicated de-vulcanized rubber plant in Nederweert.