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Truck Tire Retreading

The transport industry demands tires that can efficiently, safely, and economically cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Retreading truck tires presents an economical, ecological, and reliable solution, primarily involving the reuse of truck casings. In fact, many truck tires are originally designed with retreading in mind.

By extending the lifespan of quality truck tires by up to two-thirds and avoiding the production of new tires, retreading significantly reduces both raw material consumption and CO2 emissions associated with the industrial production process. This process ensures that retreaded tires maintain the same level of performance and safety standards as new tires.

Whether through cold or hot retreading methods, these tires are certified to meet various quality and environmental standards, undergoing the same rigorous testing as new tires. The quality of retreaded tires is guaranteed for up to 5 years.

This level of quality results from extensive experience, a dedicated commitment to research, and a constant focus on the needs of the road transport industry. With its high standards, retreading proves to be an excellent and sustainable choice.